From podcasts and panels, to radio shows, television production and more; the following list includes selected highlights from some of Miss TLC's appearances. Miss TLC is regularly invited to appear as an entertainment industry expert and pop culture personality; with a strong concentration on music and most specifically, Prince. For booking requests, email MissTLC@MissTLC.com.   

Soul Savviness Podcast: Janet Jackson Lifetime Documentary Wrap-Up and Ms. Jackson Appreciation feat. Miss TLC and Mark Chappelle | Listen on Spotify here.

Grown Folks Music Podcast: Behind The Book with Duane Tudahl, Miss TLC, Ricky Wyatt and De Angela Duff. | Watch on YouTube here.

"Under The Cherry Moon" Screen/Play Live Event: Customized Jacket Created By Miss TLC | Read more here.

Behind The Wheels Podcast: Music Sampling w/Miss TLC | Listen on Spotify here.


Grown Folks Music Podcast: Purple Rain Deluxe Discussion with Duane Tudahl and Miss TLC | Listen on Apple Podcasts here.

Prince 'Welcome 2 America' Conference: #W2AVC Take 4 Roundtable: Miss TLC, Rhonda Nicole, Tonya Pendleton, Erica Thompson & KaNisa Williams | Watch on YouTube here.

Prince #1plus1plus1is3 Symposium: Diamonds & Pearls Roundtable feat. Miss TLC, LAW, Nicolay, Hasit Shah & Greg Howard | Watch on YouTube here.

"A Beautiful Ones" Fireside Chat with Dan Piepenbring (co-writer of Prince memoir) and '1999 Super Deluxe' Release Party: Miss TLC was invited to appear as a panelist

Soul Savviness Radio Show: R&B Choir | To listen, click here

Flying University @ Caveat NYC - The Hidden History of Prince - Andrea Swensson "Got To Be Something There" Book Release: Miss TLC was asked to co-host this event by the author | Read more here.

"From The Top" Docuseries Development: Film Independent CNN 2021 Grant recipient for Chinisha Scott's Cosmic Dust Productions' show, which is currently in pitch mode with various networks. | Read more here.

Grown Folks Music Podcast: Behind The Book with Duane Tudahl and Miss TLC | Listen on YouTube here.