Miss TLC has built a loyal following based around her pop culture knowledge, and devotion to musical historian work. 


Miss TLC has moderated and been asked to speak on stage at a variety of entertainment-based rooms on Clubhouse.

Clubhouse recently initiated the process of adding a 'replay' option where room hosts can save recordings for future listening.

In January 2022, a live performance of the movie 'Purple Rain' was staged and Miss TLC was asked to speak at the Purple Paisley After-Party. You can listen to that recording here

Miss TLC has been on Twitter since 2009, but built a strong following in 2018; as she began to focus on providing entertaining, informative content on a regular basis. During that time, over a million monthly impressions were regularly received. Since then, Miss TLC has not consistently tweeted as she has focused on other projects, but she still receives hundreds of thousands of impressions whenever she does come back to post.  


Miss TLC has also moderated and spoken on stage at many Clubhouse entertainment-based rooms, such as the Music Industry Execs Release Party for Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis' album in July 2021.

During the height of the pandemic, music industry insiders Morgan Rhodes, Hans Elder and Joy Trible launched the Flower Bomb Collective on Clubhouse.

With their passionate love of music, they sought out to honor pillars of R&B, Soul, Funk, Rap, and Contemporary Production, Vocals and Songwriting with weekly retrospective celebrations. Club membership grew to over 7K followers, and the weekly rooms began garnering the attention of the artists and collaborators who were honored.

Celebrity recording artists and producers such as Usher, Tweet, Babyface, Outkast's Big Boi, Anthony Hamilton, SWV's Lelee, Bryan Michael-Cox, and Rodney Jerkins joined the conversation to interact with 20-30 speakers from the club who regularly took the stage to help honor these legends alongside Morgan, Hans and Joy.  

Miss TLC became a regular speaker for the club, and contributed for 9 months until Morgan, Hans and Joy decided to conclude the series on New Year's Eve 2021. 

Listen to the Flower Bomb Club's playlists on Spotify here.

One of the ways Miss TLC provides content on Twitter is through Moments, which encapsulate her extensive musical history knowledge-based threads. 

You can view some of Miss TLC's Twitter Moments here.


Miss TLC spends most of the digital side of her life on Twitter, keeping up with pop culture news and crafting extensive musical knowledge-based threads. 

She utilizes Instagram Stories from time to time, and also pops into Clubhouse for certain music industry events where she has moderated and contributed on stage.

She also uses TikTok as a bystander and contributor for projects and assignments she has been hired to oversee, but she has not built up her own personal profile yet (although she has plans to do so this year).

She does not use Facebook or Tumblr; and only keeps Snapchat for family and close friends. 

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