Who is Miss TLC?

While working as a consultant in 2016, Miss TLC's world was rocked by the news surrounding her most treasured artist Prince.

As a response to the tabloid-esque press potentially clouding his powerful legacy, Miss TLC recognized a need for details-driven celebration of his immeasurable accomplishments & began posting uplifting online "lessons" focused around his work.

Connecting holidays, world events, various artists & special dates to Prince, the "Princerversaries" concept was born in September 2016 & continues to spread the message of Mr. Nelson's indelible mark on the world of music.






Miss TLC is a music & entertainment industry veteran with over 20 years of experience in the business of pop culture.

As a graduate of NYU's prestigious Music Business program (which included core classes at Stern Business School), and a resume that includes Arista Records, MTV Networks, Jive Records & Universal Motown Republic Group; Miss TLC is well-versed in the way the entertainment biz works.

Few can say they have consulted on every aspect of the record release process with firsthand knowledge of the inner workings of the system (from writing press releases, to reviewing lyrics, to clearing side artist appearances, to recording/performing in a studio, to creating mock ups of artwork, to writing for online publications, to pitching for press, to drafting agreements, to reviewing contracts, to processing artist/management/attorney payments & more). 

However, Miss TLC has extensively studied music through the eyes of creativity AND commerce. 


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*Consultant & Freelance offers are always welcome. Ongoing PT/FT position offers are also welcome, however, acceptance will depend not only on incentives/fit; but also on general availability.

The Wonderful World of Miss TLC was actively published from 2006-2011 & received major reader support from fans & industry colleagues alike.  

Links and recommendations were frequently listed through other mainstream pop culture blogs at the time (including but not limited to: TMZ, Dlisted, Hollyscoop & ICYMI). 

Miss TLC was also recruited to write for FameBall & Social Diva during the height of TWWOMT's popularity (offering a unique take on the business of music, fashion, celebrity & NYC socialization). 

However, post frequency dropped off around 2012, due to a plethora of other business commitments. 

Requests have been made for new blog posts ever since, but lengthier pieces on music and life are on the way instead. 

Check back often for news about upcoming pieces on other sites, as well as the launch of a potential NEW publishing home.

Thank you for your continued support.